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Attract & hire resources that help you achieve your business goals with ourIT Staffing services

Attract and hire top-notch talent with our IT staffing services


Whether your business belongs to warehouse industry, healthcare, outsourcing, manufacturing, logistics, or telecom, you need the right talent to meet your business goals and flourish. Every enterprise needs the flexibility of agile manpower who is experienced and skilled in doing their job.

Being one of the top-ranked IT employment agencies we excel in offering a comprehensive range of solutions that involve Temporary IT staffing, payroll services, leadership requirement, contract IT staffing, etc. IT recruitment agencies work for all the businesses that are in need of seasonal talent, critical to hire roles, etc.

With our time-tested contract IT staffing services, we have earned huge clientele across the globe. In addition, our team of experts keeps up with the market trends to deliver latest solutions catering to your specific needs.

Why IT Staffing Services?
  • Flexible Hiring Solutions

    Being in a business is not an easy job, your resource need may fluctuate every other day. In this case, you might not need a full-time employee. This is where a contract staffing company can help. An organization can go with temporary IT staffing and hire a seasonal experienced candidate to meet your business goals.

  • Hire the best people

    Contract staffing companies are always after top passive candidates with experience. Hiring them proves beneficial as they have experience of working with multiple organizations and possess the ability to deal with any challenges.

  • Save time and cost

    Every staffing company has an extensive database and a strong network across the globe. So, when a unique job post opens they dig in their pool of contacts and ensure to screen some experienced and skilled professionals. This eventually saves a lot of time, efforts and cost of an organization.

Leverage our global reach & local expertise to stay ahead of trends.

Fill your IT positions as per your needs for multiple technology stacks

Gain access to a dynamic talent pool of top notch IT professionals

Companies that use IT Staffing Services are able reduce the hiring costs by 60%

Why choose Infonikka as an IT contract agency?

  • Team of experts

    We have a team of certified experts that are trained to deliver success-driven solutions in estimated time with utmost precision.

  • Integrity and reliability

    We believe in providing our clients with top-notch work standards. Our sole aim is to prove a reliable partner to our valuable customers.

  • Transparent work process

    When we work on a project, our clients receive status updates all the time. We ensure complete transparency, so they could know how speedily and efficiently we are working.

  • Support

    Our support runs round the clock for our clients. They can catch up with our executive as and when they want. We ensure to assist you with all the queries.

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With a highly candidate driven market and shortage of quality candidates, demand for IT Staffing Services has increased by 65% in the last 2 years

Why hire with us

  • IT staffing for various skillsets, recruitment levels and job requirements
  • Cost effectiveness & quality ensured by industry’s best-in- class hiring experts
  • 24 Hours turnaround time without compromise on quality
  • Consistent service definitions, tools and processes & best practices
  • Seamless, efficient, hassle-free hiring without any hidden costs or overheads

Our Capabilities


Our Offerings


Leveraging deep market insights, our expertise & extensive experience, we help businesses hire best-in-class talent seamlessly within their timeframes budgets.

Contract Staffing

Flexible solutions offered by Infonikka allow businesses to speedily recruit and hire talent on a contract basis for a specified period of time.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Infonikka will enable you to gain access to top talent and allow you to evaluate the value they impart to your organization before hiring them

Direct Placement

Veteran experts at Infonikka ensure that you get the best talent strictly as per your qualifications with the fastest turnaround time

Client Testimonial

SAT is our partner of choice for providing us custom-built workforce solutions. Experts at SAT gave immediate attention to our unique requirements & exceeded our expectations with their consistent performance

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