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Accelerate your business by streamlining information & interactions with Our System Integration services

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Discover the potential of your business with Data and System Integration Services


System Integration services offer a range of solutions that harnesses complete potential and offer you maximum returns on your investment. Enterprise as a whole is made up of a lot of different standard systems and software solutions. To make an organization run smoothly, it is essential to optimally interlink all the process.

As one of the leading system integrator companies, Infonikka leverage industry best practices attained through years of experience. We ensure to offer a full lifecycle of system integration services and data integration services specifically tailored for unique client needs.

Our major system integration service offerings involve –
  • Salesforce Integration consulting services

    System integration services for salesforce does an efficient job of automating your processes end-to-end.

  • SAP Integration Services

    We have a team of system integration consultants that will deliver you deep business insights preparing you for future challenges.

  • .Net Suite Integration Services

    Infonikka’s sole aim is to serve as a driven .Net suite partner, helping you align your sales process.

Why choose Integration Services for your business?


System Integration services

  • Flexibility

    As consumer’s needs have increased, so is the provider’s responsibility to fulfill them. Integration services are full of functionalities that are capable of extending in accordance with the client’s needs.

  • Strong Capabilities

    System integrator companies are least concerned about a shortage of manpower or equipment. The reason is its own services that possess high engineering capabilities.

Data Integration services

  • Get a unified data system

    Data complexity is a result of dumping data from multiple sources without any record. But with integration services our extended data is leveraged, data is combined from multiple natures and is then align.

  • Easy data collaboration

    Data integration services deliver easy collaboration. They promote data sharing across the organization. In addition, data integration results in well-structured data, and non-invasive ways of access.

organization process

Optimize your business processes through the improved exchange of information

decision making

Gain complete visibility into your processes to make more informed decisions

informed decisions

Boost your organizational productivity with holistic access to resources of the organization.

business distribution

Enhance your reporting capabilities by streamlined distribution of the information.

Organizations that are using Integration Capabilities are 3 times more speedily able to find and solve issues by gaining better visibility into business transactions

Why choose Infonikka?



why choose infonikka
  • Team of experts

    We have a team of certified experts that are trained to deliver success-driven solutions in estimated time with utmost precision.

  • Integrity and reliability

    We believe in providing our clients with top-notch work standards. Our sole aim is to prove a reliable partner to our valuable customers.

  • Transparent work process

    When we work on a project, our clients receive status updates all the time. We ensure complete transparency, so they could know how speedily and efficiently we are working.

  • Support

    Our support runs round the clock for our clients. They can catch up with our executive as and when they want. We ensure to assist you with all the queries.

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Our Capabilities

integration service

Our Partnerships


Company’s robust integration platform is accelerating business growth of companies around the globe by streamlining information & interactions.


Company’s API integration platform is helping companies rapidly connect SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications along with helping infuse AI into any business

Our Offerings


Experts at Infonikka ensure successful integration by minimizing the complexities and risks of integrations at the same time improving returns on investments reducing costs. Our vast portfolio of integration services includes but not limited to


Salesforce Integration Services

Our rich capabilities in Salesforce Integration will help you automate business processes end-to-end and deliver consistent customer experiences


SAP Integration Services

Our SAP Integration Experts will help you gain end-to-end visibility and deep business insights on all your crucial business areas


.Net Suite Integration Services

Our .Net Suite integration services will dynamically allow you to streamline multi-channel sales & automate inventory management



Client Testimonial

Infonikka has imparted us exceptional business efficacy, agility and visibility by connecting applications, data & devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with their custom-built Integration Solutions.

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