SAP S/4 HANA 1909: The Next-Gen Intelligence in Automation


On 20th September 2019, SAP announced the general availability of its latest, intelligent version of ERP software – SAP S/4 HANA 1909. Here we’ll cover the complete overview of this futuristic SAP ERP Business Suite.

Read on to know more about SAP S/4 HANA.

Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA 1909:

With the SAP S/4 HANA 1909, SAP continues to focus on delivering leading-edge value in intelligent automation, next-generation business processes, insight and prediction. Also, there is a huge scope of improvement in all sorts of industries and businesses.

For the need of enhanced user experience with more precise insights, the fundamental initiation made the improvisation in the ERP software. Here are the top features of the advanced Digital Core of SAP S/4 HANA 1909.

  • A software architecture that is capable of providing a scalable foundation and enabling the optimized automation options.
  • An intelligent system that enhances organizational aspects with the help of embedded analytics, simulation, predictive analysis, and magnified decision making ensuring a smooth flow of business aspects.
  • An overall experience that can be speedily adopted and implemented.
  • Open architecture with the supply of connectivity and conversion of microservices.

Intelligent ERP Principles:

Here are the 3 principles that define intelligent ERP.

1. Digital age user experience: With the latest SAP Fiori theme “Quartz”, SAP will continue to extend the usage of SAP Fiori. Conversational user interface and natural language processing (NLP) allows us to target a hands-free ERP by the end of this year.

2. Next-generation processes: Rethinking the way business gets done through the smart junction of technology and innovation. In this 1909 release, SAP has advanced processes like the New Predictive Material and Resource Planning

3. Automation: SAP S/4 HANA utilizes machine learning capabilities and robotic process automation in the standard ERP processes. Automation mainly addresses companies´ bottom lines and assists to reduce costs. The people at SAP have promised that they strive for automation of 50% of all ERP business processes within the next 3 years.

Major Highlights of SAP S/4 HANA 1909:

Here we’ll see how this next-gen ERP software impacts different different industries.


In the manufacturing sector, SAP now delivers a new predictive material and resource planning (pMRP) application. Now, you are able to forecast component demand with predictive material and resource planning. The advantage of pMRP is the decreased inventory carrying costs.


In finance, advancements in the constant closing process will enable enhanced process efficiency and quicker precise insights into your business. SAP Analytics Cloud with financial planning offers faster insight so you can run your business more cost-effectively.

Sales and Distribution

Predictive analytics now helps optimize sales forecasts and delivery process. The blockchain capabilities make the process safer. Checking delivery performance with predictive analytics in SAP S/4HANA allows for the on-time provision of obtaining processes to the total delivery performance.

Extended Warehouse Management

As part of extended warehouse management, SAP S/4 1909 provides enhanced integration between production and warehouse processes. You can now have an easy integration between repetitive manufacturing and warehouse management.

Environment and Safety

The emission forecasting capability helps you analyze and predict environmental risks. Based on previous data and with the help of machine learning, the system forecasts the emission data values via machine learning time-series predictive models.

Along with the aforementioned industries, SAP S/4 HANA 1909 also offers intelligent ERP services in product compliance, inventory management, r&d / engineering, sourcing and procurement, and more.

In Conclusion:

While the list of new capabilities in SAP S/4HANA 1909 is extensive, its implementation and upgrade might require some experience. To implement or upgrade to SAP S/4 HANA 1909, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional SAP services provider.

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