How Salesforce Consultant Can Increase Your Business ROI?

salaesforce consultant can increase roi

Want to implement Salesforce in the best way possible? What is the best way, you ask? The answer is by hiring a Salesforce consulting partner! If you think otherwise, let us explain in detail how the Salesforce consultant helps you increase your business ROI.

The Salesforce era has dawned upon us and it seems as it’s not going to end in the near future. Salesforce professionals have helped a lot of businesses, ranging from small-scale startups to large-scale corporations, in enhancing their business processes. And that’s why Salesforce is considered the world’s #1 CRM system.

  • Salesforce alone acquires around 20% of the CRM market share
  • Around 90% of Fortune 100 companies are using Salesforce apps

Read on to know more about what makes Salesforce the best CRM?

However, most of the companies are just scratching the surface of what they can achieve with Salesforce. Just take a look at this statistic.

  • According to a survey, only 17 % of the users utilize all the features offered by the Salesforce CRM

Although, Salesforce is known for being easy to use and manage. To gain its maximum benefits, we’ll advise you to prefer a Salesforce consulting partner rather than doing it by yourself. And here are the reasons why.

1. Unique Solutions Forged for Your Business:

Due to their years of experience, the Salesforce consulting companies possess top-class Salesforce expertise. The Salesforce consulting partners start with studying your business and current business processes. And then they devise an exclusive Salesforce implementation plan strategy based on your internal business process perspective. This detailed implementation plan is the backbone of your Salesforce setup. And it effectively enhances your business processes.

2. Help You Move Ahead with the Latest Trends:

The Salesforce consulting companies have a team of Salesforce certified professionals who are aware of the latest innovations in Salesforce technology. As they are constantly on top of the latest Salesforce trends, the Salesforce professionals make you aware of those trends and their scope in your business. Which, you never would have known otherwise.

3. Simplifies the Implementation Process:

Even if your business has real-time, complex business processes, the Salesforce consultants can still formulate a simplified Salesforce implementation strategy. As they study your business closely, the Salesforce consulting companies acquire deep business process expertise around your business. This helps them streamline your business processes and simplify the implementation plan. 

4. Save Your Time & Money:

If you don’t want to hire a Salesforce consulting partner, then you’re left with the option of training your own employees in Salesforce. Opting for this will cost the training time to be spent by the employee as well as the training expenses bore by you. And even after spending that many resources, you can’t guarantee a successful implementation. Because your employee doesn’t have the required expertise yet. Thus, by hiring a Salesforce consultant, you’re saving a lot of resources.

All these benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant lead to an upsurge in your business ROI. By getting already devised exclusive Salesforce solutions, you’re gaining user adoption. By keeping up with the trend, you’re taking advantage of the latest, top-notch technologies. By simplifying the implementation processes, you’re improving business performance. And by saving up resources, you’re positively impacting your ROI.

Now you know why to hire a Salesforce Consulting Company, but who to hire? that still remains a question. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer for you: Infonikka, one of the best Salesforce services providers in the industry. At Infonikka, we provide expert Salesforce certified professionals and deliver the best Salesforce services.

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