Reasons why you should Integrate Netsuite and Salesforce

Integrate Netsuite and Salesforce

NetSuite is the best when it comes to cloud ERP system and Salesforce is the best when it comes to cloud CRM system. It’s a no brainer that integrating them will be very beneficial to any business. But before diving into the benefits of NetSuite and Salesforce integration, let’s visit the fundamentals of NetSuite and Salesforce first.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the #1 cloud ERP system in the world. NetSuite helps organizations to manage all the vital business processes in a single system. It’s a scalable and agile system that efficiently grows with your business. The most notable features of NetSuite are,

  • Financial Management
  • Ecommerce Services
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s best cloud CRM system. It offers uniquely excellent CRM solutions that make customer retention and user adoption easy. Some of the exceptional Salesforce CRM features are,

  • Efficient Task Management
  • Reliable Analytics
  • Sales Forecasting

Also for a better understanding of integration, here’s an overview of System Integration services.

Benefits of NetSuite to Salesforce Integration:

1. Wider View of the Customer and Business Activities:

The main benefit of integrating NetSuite and Salesforce is the visibility it provides you. This integration offers a 360-degree view of your customer activities and business processes. From key financial information of your company to precise analytics, the Salesforce integration with NetSuite will provide you with total visibility of your business. With this transparency, you can acquire valuable business insights to make informed decisions based on them.

2. Streamlined Business Processes:

NetSuite sorts out all the financial processes like transactions, salary payouts, accounting, billing, etc. Salesforce streamlines internal communications, customer data, sales management, and more. These two software together efficiently automate finance, human resources, and many other processes. The smart automation of complex business processes help you spend less effort and gain more benefits.

3. Easy Information Accessibility:

The integration of NetSuite and Salesforce also delivers easy access to the data that once was inaccessible. The collaboration of these two programs provides reliable client data and scalability. The easy access to information can help you in serving your clients faster and more efficiently.

Now that you know why integrating NetSuite with Salesforce is important, let’s explore how to actually integrate them. You can try integrating them with the help of third-party integrators like Boomi and Celigo. Also, you can leverage the NetSuite API to integrate both these programs. However, the most affordable and efficient option is – to opt for an integration services provider partner.

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