What is staffing Agency? How does it help Your Business?

contract staffing agency

 In every business, finding the right candidate for a specific job position is a tough job. Ask any Human Resources Manager and they’ll tell you, acquiring talent is often not as easy as it seems. The Company’s money, time, performance, and even reputation is at stake while recruiting talent. If anything goes wrong in the recruiting process, it could affect the whole business.

Hiring a staffing company is the most reliable way to acquire the right talent for your business. If you’re wondering what a staffing agency is and what it exactly does. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Just go through this blog and your every staffing agency related question will get answered.

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency helps businesses with finding, screening, interviewing, and sourcing candidates for a particular job position. The required job position can be for contract basis, temporary, temp-to-hire, full-time, or even permanent candidates. 

What is the Difference Between Staffing Agency & Temp Agency?

Many people confuse temp agency with staffing agency, and vice versa. However, there is a big difference between the two. Temp agencies only hire candidates for temporary, project-based positions. On the other hand, staffing agencies hire candidates for temporary as well as all the other types of positions.

How to Identify If You Really Need a Staffing Agency?

We’ll make this one easy for you. Just answer the following questions:

  • Do you have enough time to source and screen candidates to meet your staffing requirements?
  • Are you equipped with the resources that will allow you to find prospective candidates time-effectively?
  • Are you qualified enough to assess the technical skills of the candidate?
  • Can you manage to complete all the recruitment processes in the provided time window and budget?
  • Do you easily find qualified candidates on job boards and your company website’s career page?

If you’ve answered NO to any of the above question, then you definitely need the help of a staffing agency. Here are 7 more reasons on why you need a specialized staffing partner

How to Select a Staffing Agency?

When you’re sure that you need a staffing agency, don’t just hire the first one you find.Here are some points to effectively assess a staffing agency.

  • Check the portfolio of the staffing agency
  • Ensure that it specializes in recruiting candidates in your specific industry
  • Also check that it has a strong network of prospective candidates near your location
  • Make sure that the recruiters in the agency have enough technical knowledge of your industry

Follow all these steps to narrow down on the best staffing agencies that perfectly fit your needs.

How do Staffing Agencies Work?

The process of recruiting initiates when you provide the staffing agency with your requirements for the job. The agency then creates a job description based on your requirements and shares it among its pool of talent. The staffing firm makes the job description visible to all its channels through job portals, LinkedIn, and more.

When the agency locates appropriate candidates, its recruiters screen them through telephonic and face-to-face interviews. Then, based on the job position and your requirements, the agency asks you to interview and finalize the candidates yourself.

How Do Staffing Agencies Help Your Business?

Recruiting through a staffing firm has many advantages over the normal recruitment process.

Here are the benefits of hiring a staffing company.

  • It helps you save up your resources
  • It provides you high quality employees
  • It makes recruitment hassle-free
  • It helps you focus on the core business processes

In Conclusion:

Now that your every staffing company related question is answered, just analyze if your business needs one. And if it does, Infonikka is the best one that can help you acquire the best talent. Leveraging deep market insights, our staffing experts help businesses hire best-in-class talent seamlessly within their timeframes & budgets.

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